SEO Techniques 2021

SEO Latest Trending Techniques 2021 for on-Page /Off-Page

Search engines are becoming more and more advanced due to continuous development and changes in technology and IT trends. Voice-activated searching has also gained immense popularity in recent years making web professionals seeking more advanced ways to change and develop their optimization strategies. Following are some of the most popular and effective Search Engine Optimisation trends for 2021 that can be easily adopted by web and SEO professionals.

Featured snippets

Featured snippets are basically short excerpts from the pages of different websites that Google considers as the most accurate to answer the user’s question. Therefore, those websites that have well structured answers have better chances to appear on the first page of SERPS.

Structured data

Nowadays, Google generates useful meta-descriptions and snippets from existing content.  Therefore, it is important that your web content is well structured so that your snippets are concise and eye catching. Such snippets can help to increase the organic click-through rate (CTR) for your website.

User experience

With PageSpeed Insights tool, you can check your website’s front-end performance and evaluate how fast the content on your page loads. With Accelerated Mobilie Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps, Google helps you to make your mobile page more faster. These applications for OnPage optimization can help to improve  user experience and increase traffic for your site.

SEO Techniques 2021

Quality content

Google is continuously working on to improve algorithms. It uses  various technology tools and applications to understand web content better. However, it needs rich quality content to figure out the relevance of pages for a web search query. This trend will continue to grow in 2021 as Google will work on to upgrade its algorithm. Therefore, websites need to work more on the quality of their web content.

web search

As more and more users are using their phones instead of computers to perform web searches, Google has been focusing more on mobile searches. Earlier in 2018, the “Mobile First Index” was introduced. As a result, Google will probably display the mobile version of a page which is optimized for tablets and mobile devices. Therefore, it is vital for websites to optimize their performance for mobile devices in 2021.

Images on Websites

Nowadays, people prefer to perform image web searching   instead of text search. Try to share more images of your website online on different image submission websites. Make sure to optimize the images along with the correct URL, title and tags.

Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites can play a key role in the promotion of your site. Those websites that appear on popular social bookmarking websites get high level of traffic to their website.

SEO Techniques 2021


However, your learning doesn’t stop here. As SEO professionals become adept at these techniques and Google continues to update its core algorithm, you will need to improve upon these techniques and make your strategy more competitive. The biggest danger is to feel complacent about early successes and rely exclusively on a small set of favorite SEO tips and strategies. The secret to success lies in continuously challenging yourself and exploring new ways of staying on top of the SEO game.

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